Here's the stuff you really want to know...


Why would you want to work with PWR?

We love what we do and our team have a passion for finding you the role that you have only so far dreamed of.  Not only do we offer you the roles that get sent into us we also go out and look for exactly what you are looking for.


How long does it take to sign up?

No time at all! We ask for your most up to date CV and then we schedule in a 5 minute availability call to see what you’re looking for.


What can PWR offer me?

You will get a personal service by our team of recruiters. They will be on hand 365 days a year…. Yes you read that right, you can contact them any day of the year!
You will be represented by professionals who will always have your best interest at heart. Negotiating your next salary or getting that extra benefit thrown into your package we are there to help you!


Does it cost to register?

No, we want you part of our team and we want to represent you! 


Do you deal with candidates just based in the UK?

No, as long as you have the relevant VISA in place to work in the UK we will be able to represent you.


My CV is not updated how can I register?

No worries, our team can also help you get your CV up to date and give you the edge on any role with our expert help.

Ready to find your next big challenge? Let's Go!